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Due to demand of voice, data and multimedia, the services in telecommunications are increasing day by day. The wireless network providers are facing so many problems and it is difficult to provide cost effective and reliable service to each consumer. To deal with these problems, optical fiber communication system was introduced. But when a signal of combined order is transmitted through optical fiber a large amount of distortion is received. The motivation of this work was non-linearity present in the fiber communication that can be compensated by dispersion. So the higher order study needed typical values of parameters of fiber core radius, length of fiber and power attenuation constant. Moreover the study of higher order dispersion for the fiber optic communication system becomes important.


In the microwave field, Gunn diode oscillators have important role in the development of commutnication systems because of its low noise behavior and medium power. The primary application of Gunn diode is as a local oscillator in microwave receivers. At higher microwave frequencies, transistors cannot generate required low noise power, suitable for receivers. The Gunn diode is two-terminal solid-state negative impedance device, where the real part of the impedance is negative over a range of frequencies. This paper introduces Design Philosophy of high-frequency Gunn Oscillators and discusses the design and implementation steps to produce the oscillator. For example the Waveguide Cavity Gunn Oscillator at 94 GHz frequency, which consists of a packaged Gunn device mounted in WR-IO waveguide, and tuning plunger is used to tune the desired frequency. The matching circuit is a post mounting network and a waveguide — height transformer.


This paper analyzes a bi-directional DC-DC converter having four active switches for higher transformation ratio. The converter steps up the DC voltage in forward direction and steps down in reverse direction and various modes of operation are possible. To investigate the performance of converter, simulations are performed on MATLAB/ Simpower system platform. To study reverse power flow capability, PMBLDC motor is connected as load andregeneration is carried out.


Radio-frequency identification technology, based on the reader/tag paradigm, is quickly permeating several aspects of everyday life. To allow optimum impedance matching with enhanced CP bandwidth, the microstrip feed technique is employed in this design. The design of a simple UHF (ultrahigh frequency) RFID (radio frequency identification) reader antenna that operates within the 900 MHz band (902—928 MHz) is studied. To allow optimum impedance matching with enhanced CP bandwidth, the proposed antenna can also yield an impedance bandwidth (10-dB return loss) from 880 to 1100 MHz, while good CP performances between 901 to 930 MHz are exhibited.


This paper presents decentralized control scheme for Load Frequency Control in a Power System by appreciating the performance of the methods in a two area hybrid interconnected powersystem. This project analysis is done with the use of Autonmatic Generation Control of Interconnected using Load Frequency control. The Power system whole system is tuned with the help of integral controller to reduce area control error and error in tieline which may cause impr-ovement in the steady state output of inter-connected hybrid system. Load freq-uency control (LFC)including PI controller is proposed in order to suppress frequency deviations for a power system involving gas, hydro and thermal plants owing to load and generating power fluctuations caused by penetration of renewable resources. Restructuring of whole power system is done by dividing it into GENCO, TRANSCO, DISCO and ISO which has been explained in detail in the report. The power generated by the GENCO has to be sold to DISCO at optimum rates. DISCO and GENCO will have contracts within its own area or with intercon-nected area and thus the power is exchanged between their interconnected area according to the contracts scheduled between them.ln this system there are four GENCOs namely, steam, hydro and gas and four DISCO interconnected using bilateral contract and the modeling of the system is done using MAT LAB simulation. It employs Synchronous static series compensator.. The robustness and reliability of the various control schemes is examined through simulations. The significant improvement of optimal transient performance is observed with the addition of a these controllers.


This paper considers the waiting of students in colleges at the time of admissions at fee counter as a single-channel queuing system with Poisson arrivals and exponential service rate where service discipline is first come first serve. Queue is a common phenom-enon which has seen usually in colleges at the time of fee submission. Hence queuing theory which is the mathematical study of waiting lines or queue is suitable to be applied in the fee counter because it is associated with queue and waiting line where students who cannot be served immediately have to queue for service


In this paper, Laplace decomposition algorithm is introduced for the approximate analytical solution of linear Volterra integro - differentil equation of second kind . The technique is described and illustr-ated with some numerical applications.The results assert thatthis scheme is rapidly convergent and give the exact result using only few terms of its iteration scheme


Cloud computing makes the dream ofcomputing real as a tool and in the form of service. This internet based ongoing technology which has brought flexibility, capacity and power of processing has realized service- oriented idea and has created a new ecosystem in the computing world with its great power and benefits. Cloud capabilities have been able to move IT industry one step forward. Nowadays, large and famous enterprise has resorted to cloud computing and have transferred their processing and storage to it. Due to popularity and progress of cloud in different organizations, cloud performance evaluation is of special importance and this evaluation can help users make right decisions. In this paper we define the cloud perfor-mance issues which are cause for quality of any cloud or database. In the cloud we can improve the performance by the reducing these issues. We also provide a large view of latency which is a hot topic in the research field for improving the performance of cloud.


Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) are those netw-orks which do not have any infrastructure. Mobile ad-hoc network is autonomous system of mobile node connected by wireless links. The mobile nodes are free to move about and organize themeselves in to a network. Ad-hoc network do not have any cent-ralized server. Therefore routing in mobile ad-hoc network is challenging task and this has lead to the development of many difference routing protocols. MANET is a self configured dynamic network comp-rising of mobile nodes, where each and every node voluntarily transmit the packet to some other node using wireless transmission. Which can support multi hop wireless communication through routing protocols with proactive, reactive or hybrid schemes. In this paper proposed an optimized approach over hybrid scheme through removing unidirectional links and relieving blindly broadcast of route disc-overy packets over mobile nodes andInternet gateway which impact correctness and efficiency of connectivity so much. Simulation show keeping the overhead low the improved performance of packet delivery.


MANET Mutual Authentication System (IMMAS) provides an implied mutual authentication or all routing and data traffic with in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) by combining Elliptic Curve Crypt-ography a public- key crypto-system, with the MANETs Routing Protocol. IMMAS provides security by effectively hiding network topology from adver-saries while reducing the potential for, among other things, traffic analysis and data tampering, all while providing a graceful degradation for each of the authentication components. Current research in MANET's tends to focus primarily on routing issue leaving topics such as security and authentication for future research. IMMAS focuses on achieving a higher level of security with the potential for substantial increases in efficiency of processing power and bandwidth compared to alternative exterior mechanism tacked on after protocol development and Standardization.


A reduced size slotted rectangular micro strip patch antenna is introduced which exploits RT DUROID 5880 substrate from Rogers-Corp with dielectric constant of 2.2 and thickness of 0.76mm. The proposed antenna uses a finite ground plane with slotted rectangular patch to achieve an excellent impedance matching, high gain, along with operating frequency range of 3.06-3.145GHz and a radiation efficiency of 95.524%. The various simulations are provided to evaluate its performance parameters. This antenna is highly efficient for S-band (3.1-10 GHz) applications.


Easily approachable design is proposed in this paper. This design created by using CST Micro wave Studio tool version of 2012. In this paper performance has been analyzed the CPW Fed Square Slot Antenna and Horizontal II shaped stub antenna. Bandwidth and frequency are measured for both antenna to proposed appropriate result and conclusion. The bandwidth of both antenna determined by the 10-db return loss. In this paper results of both antennas are cornpared.


In the present work, a dynamic model is developed for the Multi-effect evaporator (MEE) to study the transient behavior of the system. Each effect in the process is represented by some variables which are related to the energy and material balance equ-ations for the feed, product and liquor flow. Backward feed is used for the development of the model for six effect evaporator system. For the steady state and dynamic simulation, the 'fsolve' and 'ODE45' solvers in MATLAB source code is used respectively.


The conversion of AC power to DC power causes harmonics in the input current. By increasing the number of pulses in multi-pulse converters, the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in input current can be reduced, and other performance parameters can also be improved. This paper briefly analyzes the pulse multiplication techniques to get 12-pulse, 24- pulse and 36-pulse controlled converters, having a zigzag connected auto-transformer. The effect of increasing the number of pulses, on the performance of AC to DC converters is analyzed by Simulation in MAT LAB software. The comparison in these configurations is presented to indicate their effectiveness."


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