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Nativity, which enables the other objects to collect and exchange data. In this new era of urbanization, and interconnections, IoT applications are getting considerable attention because of their capabilities to integrate the latest technologies into one big system. Here, we are trying to create a project to protect the farm and monitoring System for plants system with some well-known new technologies. We will be integrating technologies like automation, object detection and upload our data of all activity on internet object detection method is made with Infra red sensors which detect the object (animal) and alert the farmers using IoT and blynk application and in monitoring system we send the data of temperature and moisture content of plants roots to farmers.


A GPS tracking system is a common way of getting real-time vehicle location data. GPS technology is often employed in modern car tracking systems, however other forms of autonomous vehicle location technologies can also be used. A GPS tracking system comprised of hardware, open-source software, a web server, and an easy-to-manage user interface via a web server with Google Map was presented. The goal of this project is to develop and build a hand-held wireless GPS tracking device that can be tracked remotely via the Internet. There are three parts to this research. A mobile device with GPS and a wireless Internet connection is the first component. Our hardware project, which contains an LCD, GPS, GSM, Arduino Uno, and sensor linked to service, is the second portion.


Currently while using 4G network some issues were related to the network coverage, data speed and interference. So, to remove this problem there was needed for advancement in the network. By using a heterogeneous network, it can be solved. By heterogeneous network connection quality of service and data speed can be increased. It is flexible and the cost of deployment is also low so it can be used in LTE Advanced. There are some other advantages also of the heterogeneous network which are low latency, wider spectrum and high data rate. A heterogeneous network is a collection of different cells powers and using these different cell powers in a network causes interference in the network of cells. Therefore, there should be some techniques to be adopted for removing the interference between cells.


One of the least complex method for recognizing individual character is by taking a gander at the face. Face Recognition is a kind of Personal Identification System that utilizes an individual's very own characteristics to decide their character. The Facial Expressions likewise convey rich data about human relations, feelings and assume a fundamental part in human correspondence. Programmed Face Detection and Expression Recognition had been concentrated on worldwide in most recent twenty years, which has turned into the exceptionally dynamic examination region in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. The necessity for Automatic Recognition and Surveillance Systems, the interest in human visual framework on face acknowledgment, and the plan of human-PC connection point are a portion of the causes. Face Detection can be applied for a wide assortment of issues like Image and Film Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, Criminal Identification, Image Database Management and so on.


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