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This study provides a comparative analysis of three well-known operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. The most important factors to consider when studying them are memory and file management, architecture, security, versatility, and other themes. This study compares and contrasts these subjects. This research study provides an outline of the major subjects as well as the different similarities and variances in operating system fundamentals. Every operating system has its own set of differences in terms of composition and structure, and this research focuses on the operating system's fundamental strengths and shortcomings.Linux, Windows, Mac, UI, Architecture, File Management, and Security are some of the terms used in this article.


The globalization of finance market as well as products have forced monetary institutions to have an organized knowledge-based model that is efficient in managing banking operations. This paper proposes a Model for efficient Bank Management. The Bank Management System allows maintainance of an account in a bank. In this paper a study of functionality of a Bank Account Management System is discussed in order to gain better understanding of technical features offered by banks. Every organization needs to define and manage requirements to ensure customer needs are met, while proving compliance and staying on the schedule. Thus a knowledge management model will allow incorporating all processes so as to permit various features effectively. The model thus proposed encompasses knowledge creation, its retention as well as enabling sharing of how each element can be integrated in enhancing the quality of banking operations. This paper presents Bank management as an extension of Knowledge Management. This paper is relevant in current scenario as market is highly demanding today and if an organization wants to have a competitive edge, it must manage its assets well.


On the basis of this study ideas were explored, some of the different devices, techniques and aspects that influenced the formation of different rescue and protection systems. The research in various dimensions on the topic helped in enhancement of the knowledge in this field of technology. Analysis of each and every side of this project was done. The motive also constituted of expanding the applications of the project. In the past times, the rescue and protection systems which were constructed were bulky and slow. Here in this project, the aim is to reduce the size and increase its time efficiency using the ZigBee technology. There have been instances in the news over the past few years in which we have seen lack of responsibility for the people working in life threatening situations which even led to disasters some of the times. After examining different areas of the same we have come on the terms of agreement with the fact that this problem requires a lot of concern. Taking up the responsibility to eradicate such issues we finally decided to come up with the solution removing all the problems.


In this paper, ring microstrip patch antenna structures with 3 different DGS Structure. Antennas have been analyzed, investigated and optimized by CST MW studio tool. Proposed designs are based on the concept Defected Ground Structure while its overall dimensions are kept constant. The objective is to design UWB antenna within the range of 3-15GHz. The presented antennas are simulated on cheaper and lossy FR-4 substrate, and their parameters are measured and compared. In this,maximum VSWR value of less than 1.5 has been achieved. At the end a, good agreement has been obtained between simulated and measured parameters.


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