Energy Auditing and Management :A Case Study to Improve Energy Efficiency and Setting Benchmarking


The paper presents a detailed study of energy auditing of the building to improve its overall energy efficiency. Recorded data of energy consumption of each floor in a building are used to diagnose the weak points of the building energy-usage system and then a detailed energy audit study is carried out. The energy audit of the energy usage focuses- mainly on the equipment consumption i.e fans, lighting system, air conditioning system, water pumping system and electronic equipment etc. Based on energy audit results on the total energy consumption of the building for particular time duration the location of equipment and their ratings are the two leading factors for the change of the total energy consumption. Also, the different time slot the total energy consumption of the equipment varies significentjy in summer and winter as well, Therefore, in This paper a comparative study of power demand, equipment cost and their size as well as make has been demonstrated for a sample building.

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