Rotor Faults Diagnosis in Traction Drives Using Virtual Current Technique For Railway Application


This paper presents the Virtual Current Technique as a new model-based diagnostic procedure for the diagnosis of rotor faults in traction drives for railway applications. A rotor fault in a traction drive based on induction motors produces due to some oscillations at twice the slip frequency in the rotor flux as well as in the magnetizing current component. The amplitude of these oscillation, using some motor and controller parameters are measured and one can reconstruct a virtual magnetizing current component and after normalization, which can be used to detect and quantify the extension of rotor faults in a drive subjected to a direct rotor field oriented control scheme. The simulation results demonstrate that with this diagnostic technique, it is possible to diagnose effectively rotor faults, independently of the drive operating conditions, both in steady-state and transient regime.

Surykant , Y. R. Sood, R. K. Jarial, N. Kushwaha ,V. S. Bisht
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