The Effect of Process Parameters on Mechanical Stir Casting Process


In this study, composites-casting with an aluminium alloy C355 and 5(wt.%) of SiC reinforcement were made. Side by side investigations of tensile strength of the composite was done, 17 samples were fabricated for this study and these samples were machined as per dimension by which tensile test samples were obtained. Aluminium has low weight since its mechanical properties are not so good as compared to iron (Fe). So by reinforcing a material like SiC, mechanical properties can be improved of A1 and it can be used in military and aerospace industry because of its low weight and good mechanical properties which is the primary requirement for aerospace industry. The mechanical properties of the fabricated composite are improved in relation to the base alloy, which have an enhanced wear resistance, favourable mechanical properties at room temperature.

Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Bhavaya Gupta, Devesh Chaudhary
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