High Gain Aperture Coupled Patch Antenna


This paper is intended to build a High Gain Aperture Coupled Micro-Strip Patch Antenna to improve its radiation performance. The proposed design is based on a new aperture coupling technique in which the slot is fed by a micro strip line coupled to the patch radiators. The patches are employed to reduce the radiation into the half-space that they occupy and increase the radiation in the other half-space. The shape of the patch used is very much responsible for the radiation pattern in the desired direction. Radiation characteristics and bandwidth are also improved by choosing a suitable combination of the shape of feed and slot. Due to this aperture coupling between patch and microstrip slot line, we achieve both improvement in radiation pattern and bandwidth. We achieved 0.563Ghz of 10 dB bandwidth at 3.6 GHz resonant frequency. This design was simulated using HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator).

Jitendra Kumar Saroj, Aruna Rana, Nitin Kathuria, Jitendra Kr. Mishra

jitendra.saroj007@gmail.com, arunarna05@gmail.com, nakthuria.niet@gmail.com
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