Performance Characterstics of Biodeisel Blend in CI Engine using Artificial Neural Network,(Karanja Oil)


The rise in price and consumption of petroleum products and their effects on the industrialization and modernization of the world have been one of the key issues of the researchers. CI (Diesel) engine, one of the sectors based on the fossil fuel, is a prime issue for environmentalists and economists. To overcome this problem and as a substitute for diesel, biofuel is a better option to conserve the limited reserve of fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. Biodiesel, which is produced from variety of vegetable oils and animal fat through transesterification, has a lot of technical advantages over fossil fuels such as lower overall exhaust emission and toxicity, biodegradability, derivation from a renewable and domestic feedstock and negligible sulphur content. This paper deals with artificial neural network (ANN) modelling of a diesel engine using variable Karanja oil blends to predict the engine performance. To acquire data for training and testing the proposed ANN, a Single cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine was fuelled with blended diesel and operated at different engine speeds and loads. The experimental results exposed that blends of Karanja oil with diesel fuel provide better engine performance. Using some of the experimental data for training, an ANN model was developed based on standard Back-Propagaiion algorithm for the engine. Analysis of the experimental data by the ANN showing that there is a good correlation between the predicted data resulted from the ANN and with the measured ones. Therefore, the ANN proved to be a desirable prediction method in the evaluation of the tested diesel engine parameters

Harveer Singh Pali
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