Analysis of Four Stroke Single Cylinder Compression Ignition Engine Operated Mith Blends of Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel/Diesel


In the present study attention is being focused on comparison of performance of biodiesel derived from waste cooking oil when applied in different proportions in compression ignition engine. A single cylinder four stroke diesel engine (Kirloskar) was tested at various loads with the blended fuel at the rated speed of 1500 rpm. Waste cooking oil biodiesel blended with diesel in proportions of 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% by volume and pure diesel was used as fuel. Engine performance (specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency, and exhaust gas temperature) were measured to evaluate and compute the behaviour of the diesel engine running on biodiesel. The results show that the brake thermal efficiency of diesel is higher at all loads followed by blends of waste cooking oil, biodiesel and diesel. Experimentally the maximum brake thermal efficiency and minimum specific fuel consumption were found for blends up to 20% waste cooking oil methyl ester at all loads among the blends. Exhaust gas temperature for WCOMEIOO is highest. For the diesel fuel, the exhaust gas tennperature is the lowest among all the tested fuels. The reductions in brake specific fuel consumption and increase in brake thermal efficiency made the blend of biodiesel B20 a suitable alternative fuel for diesel engine.

Gyanchandra Sharma, Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar Yadav
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