Correlation for Prediction of Heat Transfer Coefficient for Pool Boiling Using TiO2 Nanofluid


The present study represents the development of theoretical correlation for pool boiling of nanofluid having TiO2 as nanoparticle and water as base fluid in a mechanically polished stainless steel flat plate as a boiling surface, where the concentration of the TiO2 particles in water increases from 0.32 wt. % to 0.72 wt. % to observe the effects on heat transfer coefficient. The theoretical heat flux compared with the experimental heat flux which is within ±30% error band agreement. Heat transfer coefficient of nucleate pool boiling using nanofluid increases with nanoparticle concentration at high heat fluxes. Approximately 22% increase in heat transfer coefficient is observed for 0.72 wt. % nanoparticle concentration. Thus, newly developed generalized correlation (given below) used knowing different thermal properties of nanofluid and heating surface for prediction of heat transfer cofficient. h={}

Sudev Das Sagnik Pal, Harinder Singh, Swapan Bhaumik,
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