Performance Comparison Of High Frequency Single Phase PWM Inverters Using PSpice


This paper presents PSpice simulation of sinusoidal PWM inverters and their performance comparison . An HPWM inverter has been included with its analysis and simulation results. Aso BPWM, UPWM and HPWM inverters have been shown by using PSpice simulation package and the performance of all the three inverters has been computed and compared; their switching losses by calculating their individual power ratios at different conditions. The conclusion drawn is that BPWM inverter has a poorer per-formance as compared to the other two methods and the remaining methods i.e. HPWM and UPWM have almost an equally good performance. In case of soft switching, HPWM has a better performance than UPWM.

Samidha Garg , S.N.Singh

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