Extraction ,Characterization And Engine Performance of Jatropha Curcas Oil


Global concern about escalating energy demand, depleting fossil fuel reserves and increasing environ-mental pollution has given an impetus to explore alternative fuels, preferably renewable. Plants oils are a renewable source of combustible material whose energy content can be beneficially utilized for transportation purposes. In this paper, the performance of a diesel engine running on pure Jatropha Curcas Oil (JCO) was experimentally investigated. JCO was supplied at two diff-erent temperatures- 35°C and 65°C. The important charact-eristic properties of JCO were found to be compatible with the requirement of diesel engine fuel. The comparison of fuels was made in terms of brake thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, pressure versus crank angle diagram and exhaust gas temperature. The test results show decrease in thermal efficiency and increase in fuel consu-mption and exhaust gas temper-ature for unheated JCO operation. Larger igniton delay and lower peak cylinder pressure was obsened With it. However, engine perfor-mance was found to Improve when JCO was preheated This performance was jn bet-ween that obtained With desel and unheated JCO On the whole, it can be concluded that for short terrm usage, JCO (preheated to 65°C) can be directly used instead ot diesel, without any opera-tional difficulty modification engine design.

Mohd Yunus Khan , Saroj Kumar Padhi, R.K. Singh

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