Effect of Methanoic Extract of the Leaves of Calotropis Gigntea R.BR. On Leukocyte and Neutrophil Migration


Calotropis gigantea R.Br. is a perennial under-shrub found chiefly in wastelands throughout India. It has been reported as a traditional folkloric medicine for a variety of ailments. Calotropis gigantea belongs to family Asclepia-daceae. The leaves of Calotropis gigantea are traditionally used in the treatment of paralysis, anhralegia, swellings, and intermittent fevers. The aim ofthe present study is to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of the methano/ic extract of the leaves of Calotropis gigantea following in-vitro method by evaluating leukocyte and neutrophil infiltration. The study was carried out using the doses of 100, 200 and 300mg/kg p.o. and indom-ethacin 10mg/kg p.o. as standard. The pharmacological screen-ing of the extract showed significant dose dependent inhibition in leukocyte and neutrophil count which confirms its anti-inflammatory activity

Saumya Priya Basu , Saumya Das, Sanjita Das ,Manas K Das

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