A Low Power and High Gain CMOS Tunable OTA with Cascade Current Mirrors


The nonlinearity of a Balanced OTA can be removed using cascading of two balanced OTAs through a resiston However in literature, balanced OTA is implemented using simple current mirrors which have limitations of copying currents. In the pre-sent work, this limitation has been overcome, using casc-ade current mirrors in place of simple current mirrors.Also the simulation results show appreciable improvement in terms of gain and power consumption. The Tunable OTA desi-gned with cascade current mirrors in the present work has a gain of 40 dB and it consumes power of 9 mW. The circuits are impl-emented in 130nm using TSMC MOSIS Level-49 model in TANNER EDAS-Editsimulator

Amit Choudhary, S P Singh, V K Pandey

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