Design and Evaluation Of Nanoemulsion For Delivery of Diclofenac Sodium


Diclofenac Sodium is an acetic acid NSAlDs with analgesic and antipyretic properties. Diclofenac sodium is also used to treat dysmenorrheal, ocularthritis and rheumentoid atthritis. The aim of the present study is to formulate and evaluate nanoe-mulsion for de/ivety of Diclofenac Sodium. The nanoemulsion was prepared by (oil in water) nanoemulsion technique. In this method, olive oil, Tween 80 and SLS (cosur factant) was used. The nanoemulsion was evaluated for visco-sity, particle size, conductivity test, drug content uni- formity test, flocculation test, shelf life test, stability test and dissolution test. Diclofenac Sodium nanoemulsion was found to be white in color, having particle size 18.37, showed conductivity (67.ùs). The prepared emulsion was stable. The maximum percentage drug release was 1.71 % in 180 mins.

Anju Gauniya Pandey , Sanjita Das , S. P.Basu , Palak Srivastava

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