Dynamic Simulation of Multiple Effect Evaporators in Paper Industry Using MATLAB


The present study attempts to develop a dynamic model for the MEE to study the transient behavior of the system. Each effect in the process is repres-ented by a number of variables which are related bv the energy and material balance equations for the feed, product and liquor flow. In the present study dynamic equations are being written for the MEE system for a Paper Industry. In this study a generalized model is given which could be applied to any number of effects in the MEE system with simple modifications it could also be applied for Forward Feed, Backward Feed as well as for the Mixed Feed. For such situation basic equations for an effect will be same but the equations for the parameters like density, boiling point elevation and specific heat etc. should be changed and then the model can be used for the other type of evaporator also.

Deepak Kumar, Anjana Rani Gupta, Somesh Kumar

dkiitr@gmail.com, argad76@gmail.com , someshkumarrajput@gmail.com
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