Agile Software Development : An Alternative Approach to Software Development


Traditionally, software development has been managed through plan based approaches that are full of limitations such as poor quality, not meeting customer requirements, unrealistic project devel-opment durations etc. To overcome all these prob-lems, Agile software Development approach is being tattooed as an alternative approach. In this approach, software projects are developed using Iterative and Incremental methods using cross-functional teams and self-organizing. The main focus, in these methods, is to determine require-ments and solutions through collaboration bet-ween these teams through adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery and time-boxed iteration. There is a lot of flexibility and speed lent to development process in this approach to meet customer requirements better and in time. This paper is an attempt to understand Agile Software Development approach in detail to crit-ically examine and compare its utility as an altern-ative approach to the development of software projects,

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