Closed Form Expressions for Probablity of Interference Free Reception in LMR System


The fast growth of wireless communication is based on the integration of different application. This integration needs increase in capacity or spectral efficiency, possible either by decreasing the fading effects or by spectral reuse. Number of diversity combining technique has been proposed in past to mitigate the fading effects. Either using diversity combining techniques or spectral reuse causes interference; moreover the spectral reuse is main reason for the co channel interference. So the Inter-ference modeling has become a challenging research area for the performance analysis and improvement of wireless communication system. Closed form expressions for co-channel inter-ference for Rayleigh distribution of received signal have been given in the literature. In this paper, we have given a simple analytical model for another important fading distribution namely Nakagami distribution giving a closed form solution for co-channel interference assuming that the interferer is linearly located.

Sonia Gupta, S.P.Singh, V.K.Pandey
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