Design and Analysis of Locomotive Wheel Axle


A non-spinning machine element called an axle is used to support rotating parts such as wheels and pulleys. The axle is one of the train's most important components, and it is connected to the wheel via an interference fit. Since the beginning of railway history, derailment due to axle failure has been one of the most devastating sources of devastation. The goal is to use Computer-Aided Build software to design a railway wheel axle with specific dimensions, then model it using simulation software with the required loading conditions and constraints. This paper used Unigraphics NX-12 to model the train wheel axle and then imported it into Hypermesh software to simulate it.

Harshit Singh, Shivakant Yadav, Vicky Kumar Prabhakar, Ravi Jaiswal, Pushpendra Upadhyay

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