A Review: Industrial application of smarthost microcontroller based robots


Robotics is a combination of science, engineering and technology that produces machines, called robots, that can replace human actions. Robots imitate the action of human beings; it can perform the task not only what a human can do but also what they not able to do. This paper provides an overview of a robotic arms that can be controlled using a smart host microcontroller and can be powered by either solar energy or by direct power supply. The paper includes a thorough review of the referenced papers, which focuses on the development of the robotic arm with the use of smart host microcontroller and a camera function for real time image processing. There are different research papers are followed and real time image processing based Robotic arm showed the better performance and applications among other Arduino or Raspberry pi based robotic arms. Different robots/ robotic arms are capable of surveillance and also with an alternate application in detecting and following a pre specified object. There are various fields where these robotic arms play a vital role such as, in farming a robotic arm can be used to pluck fruits/vegetables from trees and plants or to implant seeds into soil without the need of human touch, in military base to remove the land mines that can be harmful for soldiers, in the medical industries (complicated surgery or pharmaceutical field), in the field of science, where a nuclear waste can be disposed by the help of a robotic arm so that it may cause no harm to any human being.

Ashutodh Kumar Singh ,Kanika Jindal1,Dhananjay Singh

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