Optimal Location of UPFC for ATC Enhancement Under Contingencies for Bilateral Transaction


This paper focuses on the evaluation of the impact of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) on available transfer capability (ATC) enhancement through optimal location of UPFC. Placement of FACTS controller may be quite effective for enhancing the ATC of power system due to the capability to improve line voltage and control power flow through lines. Technical merits of UPFC technology on ATC boosting are analyzed. The application of this paper lies within the new deregulation of power systems where a great deal of emphasis has been put on transmission open access, leading to more efficient utilisation of the existing facilities. The effectiveness of the proposed method for the placement of UPFC in voltage stability margin enhancement has been validated on a IEEE-14 bus system.

Vikas singh, Ajai Kumar Singh

singhvikas01@gmail.com, espajai4u@gmail.com
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