Terminal Voltage and Load Frequency Control of Self -Excited Induction Generators for Isolated Wind Power using Battery Energy Storage


This paper presents an investigation of active and reactive power controller to control voltage and frequency for an isolated induction generator driven by a wind turbine, supplying 3-phase 4-wire loads. The control strategy is based on the indirect current control of the VSC (voltage source converter) using a frequency PI controller. The proposed controller consists of three single-phase IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Junction Transistor) based VSC, which are connected to each phase of the induction generator through zig-zag transformer and a battery at their DC link. The controller has the capability of controlling reactive and active powers to regulate the magnitude and frequency of the generated voltage. The proposed isolated system is modeled and simulated in MATLAB using Simulink and Power System Block-set toolboxes to verify the performance of the controller.

Ajai Kumar Singh, Vikas Singh

espajai4u@gmail.com, singhvikas01@gmail.com
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