Design Philosophy of Microwave Gunn Oscillator


In the microwave field, Gunn diode oscillators have important role in the development of commutnication systems because of its low noise behavior and medium power. The primary application of Gunn diode is as a local oscillator in microwave receivers. At higher microwave frequencies, transistors cannot generate required low noise power, suitable for receivers. The Gunn diode is two-terminal solid-state negative impedance device, where the real part of the impedance is negative over a range of frequencies. This paper introduces Design Philosophy of high-frequency Gunn Oscillators and discusses the design and implementation steps to produce the oscillator. For example the Waveguide Cavity Gunn Oscillator at 94 GHz frequency, which consists of a packaged Gunn device mounted in WR-IO waveguide, and tuning plunger is used to tune the desired frequency. The matching circuit is a post mounting network and a waveguide — height transformer.

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