Enhancing the Performance of Multi Area AGC in Deregulatd Enviroment Tuned with SSSC


This paper presents decentralized control scheme for Load Frequency Control in a Power System by appreciating the performance of the methods in a two area hybrid interconnected powersystem. This project analysis is done with the use of Autonmatic Generation Control of Interconnected using Load Frequency control. The Power system whole system is tuned with the help of integral controller to reduce area control error and error in tieline which may cause impr-ovement in the steady state output of inter-connected hybrid system. Load freq-uency control (LFC)including PI controller is proposed in order to suppress frequency deviations for a power system involving gas, hydro and thermal plants owing to load and generating power fluctuations caused by penetration of renewable resources. Restructuring of whole power system is done by dividing it into GENCO, TRANSCO, DISCO and ISO which has been explained in detail in the report. The power generated by the GENCO has to be sold to DISCO at optimum rates. DISCO and GENCO will have contracts within its own area or with intercon-nected area and thus the power is exchanged between their interconnected area according to the contracts scheduled between them.ln this system there are four GENCOs namely, steam, hydro and gas and four DISCO interconnected using bilateral contract and the modeling of the system is done using MAT LAB simulation. It employs Synchronous static series compensator.. The robustness and reliability of the various control schemes is examined through simulations. The significant improvement of optimal transient performance is observed with the addition of a these controllers.

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