Evaluation of Latency in Delay Sensitive Cloud Services


Cloud computing makes the dream ofcomputing real as a tool and in the form of service. This internet based ongoing technology which has brought flexibility, capacity and power of processing has realized service- oriented idea and has created a new ecosystem in the computing world with its great power and benefits. Cloud capabilities have been able to move IT industry one step forward. Nowadays, large and famous enterprise has resorted to cloud computing and have transferred their processing and storage to it. Due to popularity and progress of cloud in different organizations, cloud performance evaluation is of special importance and this evaluation can help users make right decisions. In this paper we define the cloud perfor-mance issues which are cause for quality of any cloud or database. In the cloud we can improve the performance by the reducing these issues. We also provide a large view of latency which is a hot topic in the research field for improving the performance of cloud.

Rahul kumar Sharma , Mayank Deep Khare , Amrendra Singh Yadav, Ayushi Singhal

rahulsharma9045@gmail.com, mayankdeepkhare20@gmail.com , yadavanrendrasingh@gmail.com, zealous.ayushi@gmail.com
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