Integrated MANET Mutual Authentication System - A Review


MANET Mutual Authentication System (IMMAS) provides an implied mutual authentication or all routing and data traffic with in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) by combining Elliptic Curve Crypt-ography a public- key crypto-system, with the MANETs Routing Protocol. IMMAS provides security by effectively hiding network topology from adver-saries while reducing the potential for, among other things, traffic analysis and data tampering, all while providing a graceful degradation for each of the authentication components. Current research in MANET's tends to focus primarily on routing issue leaving topics such as security and authentication for future research. IMMAS focuses on achieving a higher level of security with the potential for substantial increases in efficiency of processing power and bandwidth compared to alternative exterior mechanism tacked on after protocol development and Standardization.

Ayushi Singhal , Amrendra Singh Yadav , Mayank Deep Khare , Rahul Kumar Sharma,,,
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