Isolation of Lactic Acid producing Bacteria and production of Lactic Acid from Isolates


Lactic acid is the most common and important chemical compound used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food industries. Various attempts have been made to produce lactic acid efficiently from inexpensive raw materials. Lactic acid can be produced by various methods such as fermentation of sugars and food waste. In this way, lactic acid is an environmentally friendly product that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. The strains were isolated from five separate samples of curd, kimchi, garlic, rice water, and mango peel for the study. The study discusses the generation of lactic acid from various culinary wastes, including potato peel, orange peel, sugarcane peel, garlic peel, and mango peel. In the future, more emphasis should be placed on achieving maximum productivity and yield. Purification methods must be efficient enough to increase output while reducing product loss.

Anjali Sharma, Divyanshi Garg, Amlan Kusum Samal, Rashmi Mishra

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