Data Mining Applications and Feature Scope Survey


We have concentrated on a range of strategies, methodologies, and distinct fields of research in this article, all of which are useful and relevant in the field of data mining technologies. As we all know, numerous multinational corporations and major corporations operate in various parts of the world. Each location of business may create significant amounts of data. Corporate decision-makers need access to all of these data sources in order to make strategic decisions. The data warehouse adds substantial value to the firm by increasing the efficiency of management decision-making. The significance of strategic information systems like these is immediately recognised in an uncertain and highly competitive corporate climate, but in today's business world, efficiency or speed is not the sole route to competitiveness. This massive amount of data is available in the form of terabytes to petabytes, which has profoundly impacted research and engineering. To evaluate, manage, and make decisions with such a large volume of data, we need data mining tools, which will alter numerous fields. This work provides a greater number of data mining applications as well as a more focused scope of data mining, which will be useful in future research.

Dr Shahid, Mr Bijay Singh, Shuchi Sethi

Assistant Professor, research scholar
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