Mechanical Characterization of Al/SiC/Al2O3 Composites Fabricated via Friction Stir Processing


Friction stir processing is a technique for improving the characteristics of metals by causing local, severe plastic deformation. This deformation is achieved by forcing a non-consumable tool into the workpiece and rotating it in a stirring action while being pushed laterally through it. The primary goal of this experiment is to investigate Friction Stir processing parameters, surface composite production using friction stirs, and material mechanical characteristics. The various ceramic particles, such as SiC and Al2O3, were used as reinforcement particles. The parameter for this experiment is considered as the traveling speed, tool rotation speed, and tilt angles. The main effect of the reinforcement is to improve mechanical properties, such as hardness, impact strength, and strength.

Kartik Sharma, Randhir Kumar Mishra, Ravi Kumar Maddhesiya, Vishal

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