Designing of Microstrip Patch Antenna for X-Band Application


This stud introduces a microstrip patch antenna that contains radiating patch of FR-4 substrate material on the one side of microstrip antenna with dimensions 30mm×50mm×2mm, dielectric constant =4.4 and excited by microstrip line feed. HFSS is used in this research. This antenna composes of rectangular slots to improve gain and cylindrical shorted pins to enhance performance of antenna in desired band. Return loss -20.17dB, -17.82dB, -25.19dB at 8.36GHz, 9.30GHz, 11.30GHz respectively, radiation efficiency 73.6% and gain 5.9dBi in desired band

Ranjan Kumar, Dhananjay Singh, V.K. Pandey

AssistantProfessor, Professor
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