The system presented in this project is a solution for monitoring air and sound pollution in a specific location and safeguarding people from dangerous diseases by informing them of pollution rates on a regular basis. The Internet of Objects (IoT), a sophisticated and efficient method for connecting things to the internet and linking the entire universe of things in a network, is the technology underpinning this. Electronic devices, sensors, and automobile electronic equipment can all be used here. The system involves using sensors to monitor and manage environmental variables such as the number of dangerous substances in the air and the frequency of sound played in that area, as well as spreading a protective covering over objects we wish to protect from air and sound pollution. On the monitor, the device shows these readings in real time. This data may be shown on an LCD and sent to the user through the server, where the user can manage the system by choosing on/off, and the shed will respond appropriately. The data updated by the installed system is accessible from any location. We see many harmful diseases caused by air and noise pollution in our daily lives. This approach is developed to address the problem of hazardous illnesses spreading in a certain region as a result of pollution. The project is centered on resolving this issue and has a wide range of applications. The project is developed keeping in mind the best use of resources presents and that it benefits the society and is useful and easy to use by all classes of society. The aim of the project is to save people from harmful diseases that is caused due to gases that causes air pollution and the high frequency sound played in the area that causes sound pollution and incur minimum cost while fulfilling all its functionality. It will be ensured that the project stands for its aims.

Chitransh Kumar Gupta, , Gautam Anand, , Saket Jaiswal, Harsh Vardhan Mishra

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