Design and Implementation of Air Quality Monitoring System using Blynk App


Today, air pollution is one of the significant environmental issues that causes adverse health effects in human bodies such as cancer, cardiologic disease and, high mortality rate resulting in damaging effects on the welfare of humans, animals and other living organisms of the environment. According to the recent research survey from WHO, India was the third most polluted country globally in 2020. Every year, about 2.5 million Indians, almost 30%, die from air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. Given this, our group has developed a project based on an air quality monitoring system used to detect the various parameters of air that are perilous to human beings and society. An IoT-based system was developed that detected the various parameters with the help of different sensors such as PM2.5, DHT11, LDR sensor, MQ-135, and the rain sensor. These sensors continuously sense the air quality index, rain, humidity, temperature, and smoke, finally providing all the information on the smart phone. In addition, it also helps us to fetch the data from any location where the device is installed. In this project, the Blynk app is implemented, a platform with IOS and android app to dominate and equate with Arduino Uno using ESP8266wifi controller. This app continuously monitors the value, throws an alert to the user with the help of a buzzer whenever the threshold value is exceeded.

Khushboo , Sarabjeet Kaur , Neha

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