In this study, we will use Wi-Fi (100 metres) to link the mobile application to the tags. The team will produce the tags and make the smartphone application available worldwide. The tags will be placed on items that are likely to be misplaced. To locate the object, we must first locate the tag, which is located at a distance from the cell phone and emits Wi-Fi signals. The programme will begin monitoring the tag as soon as the user touches on the name of the thing he needs to find. The tag is linked to the mobile application. The tag may be tracked by the phone via Wi-Fi signals. As a result, this smartphone app will effectively assist those who have a hectic schedule and are prone to misplacing their items. This covers people of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly. Redetect will come in handy for folks who have a habit of forgetting where they keep their precious stuff. Basically, this software will protect you from losing objects by allowing you to register their position and, when necessary, redetect it, it will offer you the directions to get there. It uses the ESP8266 to determine the item's current location, which can be readily monitored even if the item's position changes from its starting position. That's for Redetect it — always on the lookout for your misplaced belongings.

Mudit Jain, Sourabh Jain, Pradeep Kumar

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