Analysis of Compact Patch Antenna for 5G Applications


This paper represents design of a simple, small, microstrip rectangular patch antenna for 5G application. Today, the requirement of antenna for such application should have higher bandwidth, low cost, low profile and smaller in size. The dimension of antenna are length and width of 2.59 mm and 3.65 mm respectively and height of this antenna is 0.4 mm. This antenna is designed by using thin and easily available substrate is used i.e., FR4 epoxy (εr= 4.4) to achieve compactness and high gain which will improve antenna performance. This antenna is wideband antenna means it covers a large bandwidth which includes 23.9 GHz frequency and our VSWR is improved from the base paper i.e., from 1.7483 to 1.0759. The simulation results of return loss, VSWR, gain and radiation pattern of the proposed antenna have been presented and discussed. Measured results are also presented and they are in good match with simulated results. The simulation results are obtained through HFSS 14 software.

Shilpee Patil, Dhananjay Singh, V. K. Pandey

AssistantProfessor, Professor
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