Augmented reality is a technology that combines virtual things with the actual environment and allows them to interact with one another. Although augmented reality applications are employed in a variety of fields, education is by far the most essential. AR technology combines real things with virtual information to boost students' connection with physical environments while also facilitating their learning. Virtual reality gadgets, which are still under development, allow students to learn hard topics in a fun and easy method. Students can learn more about the virtual environment by interacting with objects in it. Lessons can be taught in the company of a teacher as if they were present at the time by scheduling digital tours to a museum or zoo in a completely different nation. In light of all of this, this research is a compilation. In this context, augmented reality technologies were introduced, and examples of their application in many disciplines of education were given. The prepared sections should be carefully studied by the educators and put into practise in their courses, according to a suggestion made at the conclusion of the study. Furthermore, it was stated that it should be preferred in order to successfully engage with pupils by interacting in real time.

Anany Jain , Akash Khatana , Smile Gandhi

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