Obstacle Detection System for vehicles in Foggy Environment Minimizing Road Accidents


Obstacle detection for vehicles is important for the safety of human life. If there is any obstacle in the road it may cause accidents as well as this affects the traffic flow of vehicles. To prevent such accidents, it is important to detect the obstacles in real-time. But it is difficult to analyze due to factors related to shadow or sudden changes in the environment and obstacles ahead of the vehicle. Fog is one of the important factor that can cause vehicles not to identify the nearby objects. This paper aims to design a new approach for obstacle detection which is based on moving objects. This approach is more useful for identifying the minute obstacles in which becomes invisible due to fog, so assistance to the driver is provided and this ensures more safety. The main focus of this project is to find the find the distance, the driver can see nearer vehicle or obstacle and under each type of fog the maximum distance of visibility. The visibility distance measurement between two vehicles and an obstacle to vehicle distance measurement can be calculated using visual aids.

Priyanka Verma, Anshuman Singh, Dhananjay Singh

Assistant Professor,
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