Design and Analysis of Multiband MSP Antenna for Next Generation Wireless Network


An antenna is a device that can send and receive signals for radio propagation. The development of fast and fixed portable communication systems requires a high level of transition to a wider area due to the increase in network users. This can be done using multiple bands. To strengthen the characteristics and performance of the antenna, microstrip antenna design techniques, various structures and shapes, analysis and feeding methods are applied. Therefore, to achieve multi-band operation in a limited space, the antenna is designed in an E-shape in combination of various shape slot to achieve multi-band operation. Simulation results show that the proposed antenna operates at two different frequencies, 3.57 GHz, and 5.73 GHz, and can be used in various wireless applications such as Wi-Fi and mobile Wi-MAX. All simulation results such as resonant frequency, return loss, radiation pattern and measurement results of the simulated antenna are presented in this paper. HFSS software has been used for simulation and analysis work.

Devendra Pratap, Md. Raza, V.K. pandey

AssistantProfessor, Professor
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