Wind energy is a clean and cheapest renewable energy source in the world. As the demand for wind energy continues to grow at exponential rates, reducing operation and maintenance (OM) costs and improving reliability became top priorities in turbine (WT) maintenance strategies. Wind turbines are very overpriced components in wind farms. The maintenance of turbine components takes extra money and time. The efficiency of power pro- duction depends upon the accuracy of the wind turbine. For these reasons, a relia ble condition monitoring system is important for the turbine to attenuate downtimes and increase productivity. This paper aims to monitor the wind turbine parameters and to improve early fault detection. Wind turbine monitoring system collects the parameters like Speed, Temperature, vibration, voltage, and current from turbine by using respective sensors. The condition monitoring system collects data from sensors and therefore the data are periodically updated within the room. Arduino Uno board is employed for monitoring and control operations. The Arduino Uno board is interfaced with the software named LabVIEW. If any anomalous condition occurs, the SMS are going to be sent to the operator by using the GSM Module.

Saurabh Katiyar, Ravi Pandey, Manish Kumar

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