Wearable Antenna with E Type Slot for Health Tracking


The exploration work is done in the field of wellbeing observing framework. The plan, reenactment, improvement, and estimation done on the E-shape microstrip slot antenna for the ISM band of frequencies is introduced in this paper. This E-shape slot antenna is taken care of by a microstrip line feed. Its resonance frequency is learned at 2.6 GHz. This frequency lies in ISM band of remote applications. The design and simulation are done in High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software with RT Duroid substrate. As indicated by its genuine application, the material, shape, and the type, the microstrip antenna is planned. The size of the antenna is determined by the length, width articulations. Then, at that point, the antenna is mimicked for the radiation boundaries got through upgrading and matching to meet the necessities. The parameters of antenna, for example, Reflection coefficient, Gain, VSWR and Return misfortune are estimated

Neha, Dhananjay Singh , V.K. Pandey

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