Abstract : The project’s major goal is to create an intelligent trash can that would aid in maintaining a clean and environmentally friendly environment. The Swachh Bharat Mission motivates us. Since technology is becoming increasingly intelligent, we are utilising Arduino nano to develop an intelligent dustbin to help clean the environment. The ultrasonic sensors on the trashcan are part of the dustbin control and management system, which happens to be designed with a microcontroller-based platform. In the suggested method, we used an ARDUINO NANO, an ultrasonic sensor, a Mini servo motor, and jumper wire linked to a charger to construct an intelligent trash can. The Smart Dustbin application will launch when all hardware and software connections have been made. Dustbin lid will wait for the person to pass by at a distance of 60 cm.

Shudhanshu Ranjan, Shashank Singh, Dhananjay Singh, Anshuman Singh, Pavan Kumar Shukla, Vinod M. Kapse

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