An Interactive Reliable Multipath Routing Derived From a Directed Acyclic Graphs


In order to attain resilient multipath routing we introduce the idea of Independent Directed Acyclic Graphs (IDAGs) on this study. Link-unbiased (Node-unbiased) DAGs fulfill the assets that any direction from a supply to the foundation on one DAG is hyperlink-disjoint (node-disjoint) with any direction from the supply to the foundation on the opposite DAG. Given a network, we expand polynomial time algorithms to compute hyperlink-unbiased and node-unbiased DAGs. The set of rules advanced on this paper: (1) affords multipath routing; (2) makes use of all viable edges; (3) ensures recuperation from unmarried hyperlink failure; and (4) achieves these kinds of with at maximum one bit in line with packet as overhead whilst routing is primarily based totally on vacation spot deal with and incoming edge. We display the effectiveness of the proposed IDAGs technique with the aid of using evaluating key overall performance indices to that of the unbiased timber and more than one pairs of unbiased timber strategies thru vast simulations.

Pankaj Singh, Nupur Sharma

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