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Application Zigbee Sensor in Improvement of Auto Vehicle Security


The first automotive been taken was reported in 1896. Since then, automotive safety tools and at the moment automotive security system long-faced a quick fast development. the protection system has become one amongst the key factors in automotive producing because the demand from the customer. the most objective of this project is to secure and monitor the automotive supported combination of Zigbee system, Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) 16F877A microcontroller, vibration sensing element, temperature sensing element and small switch. so as to develop a user friendly security system, it's used as a tool to send information or info to the liquid show (LCD) at the receiver for displaying the automotive scenario. There area unit 2 programs utilized in this method that for the transmitter and therefore the receiver. Proteus seven skilled are utilized in coming up with method of the circuit and to conduct simulation works. Meanwhile, PIC compiling program code are accustomed compile the C language code to hex (HEX) code so it's compatible to the PIC. The hardware and code problems with wireless watching system are with success developed by victimization Zigbee technology. this method is predicted to boost the aptitude of existing system and scale back value of the system. With important improved in vary and reliable information accuracy in real time, this project promise a bright future with a high industrial price. additionally, with its compact and strong feature it attract future user in shopping for the merchandise and therefore the same time have smart application price in future moreover as reducing the datum of taken cars.

Mr. Sachin Kumar, Mr. Amit Joshi

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