Effect of pitch and Capillary tube diameter in VCR System for Performance Improvement


This paper is related to investigating working of designed system and experimental investigation for effect of capillary bore diameter and geometry with same length on performance by checking RE, COP, and compressor work required. For this a VCRC system is designed and fabricated of 450 Watt cooling capacity for water cooling application with R134a as a refrigerant. Investigating effect of capillary is having capillary set with different pitch coil diameter having different bore diameters. Bore diameter effects on pressure drop in expansion causing reduction in RE and compressor work with increased diameter. The geometry of capillary has large impact on performance with increased pitch coil diameter the RE increases and a compressor work decrease which gives higher COP. This paper shows how different pitch diameter and capillary tube diameter affect performance of VCR system.

Lakshmana Malhotra, Jhanda Mahanta

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