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This study shows how new digital technologies will ensure the occupants' safety and security in a building. Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS), and Building Automation Systems (BAS) will all help to improve the building's security. We can implement a safe working environment with HVAC systems using advanced filters and also provide safe drinking water using treatment plants and softener plants with advanced mechanisms like RO purification, etc. As the safety of buildings plays a major role in rescuing buildings in case of fire with advanced fire protection systems like sprinklers, extinguishers, firewalls, fire alarms, etc., there are many passive and active protection systems. The built environment can be protected with many security technologies like boom barriers, solar fencing, CCTV systems, access control, intrusion alarms, etc. Buildings can also be protected from natural calamities like lightning and earthquakes by using shear walls and lightning arresters, etc. All the above systems are maintained by proper facility management, and it is their role to ensure the occupants' safety, comfort, and also take care of building functionality that helps in improving the lifetime of a building. The role of the facility management head is to look after all the aspects of the building and ensure the operation and maintenance of the systems.

Dr P Muralidhar

Sr Associate professor
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