The journal's principal goal is to provide a platform for students, scholars, researchers, professionals, and industrialists to communicate their discoveries and research contributions. NIETJET focuses on advancing knowledge and sharing it with people all around the world. The papers that are published will broaden the knowledge of present scholars and inspire newcomers in the all fields of Engineering & Technology. Only high-quality research papers in the areas of original Research Articles, Review Articles, Survey Articles, Case Study are accepted by NIETJET. The NIETJET is adamant about accepting research findings on current issues with significant social significance.


The Publication of NIETJET is an interdisciplinary refereed journal that covers the all fields of Engineering & Technology. NIETJET aspires to achieve a degree of predictive power that is a strong complement to experimentation and theory. Original, unpublished high-quality submissions in the following thrust areas (but not limited to) are welcome for publication in the NIETJET:

Thrust Areas

1. Basic Science:

Chemistry & Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, Astronomy and Physics, Neurobiology, Ecology, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Pharmency & Application, etc.

2. Engineering:
  • Computer Science and Engineering

    Advanced Computing,Algorithms and Bioinformatics,Biometrics, Network Security and Information Assurance, System Software, Soft Computing (AI, Neural Net., Fuzzy Systems, etc.), Internet Computing, Wireless Ad Hoc / Sensor Networks, Communications, Computer Architecture and Real time Systems, Computer Graphics, Database and Data Mining, E-Commerce Systems, Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing, E-Community, DSP / Image Processing / Pattern Recognition, E-Governance, Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms, E-Learning, Intelligent Information & Database Systems, Embedded Sys. and Software, Information Coding and Compression Techniques, Information Retrieval, IT Policy and Business Management, Knowledge Management, Expert Systems

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite, Adaptive optics, Circuit Breaker Maintenance by Mobile Agent Software Technology, Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breaker, Eddy current brakes, Electric Powerline Networking For A Smart Home, Electrical Impedance Tomography, Electro Dynamic Tether, Flexible Ship Electric Power System Design, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Hy-Wire, Illumination with Solid State lighting, Intelligent Management Of Electrical Systems in Industries, Isoloop Magnetic Couplers, Large Scale Power Generation Using Fuel Cell, Local Multipoint Distribution Service, Low - k DielectricsS, Mesh Radio, MicroGrid, Nuclear Batteries, Optical Interconnects, Optical Technology in Current Measurement, PEA Space Charge Measurement System, Pebble-Bed Reacto, Polyfuse, Power Quality, Robotic control Using Fuzzy Logic, Robotic Monitoring of Power Systems, Snake Robot, Surge current protection using superconductors, Robotic Monitoring of Power Systems, The Universal Current Sensor, Thermomechanical Data Storage, Ultraconductors, Ipv6 - The Next Generation Protocol, Bio-metrics, Compact peripheral component interconnect, Iontophoresis, Human-Robot Interaction, Crusoe Processor, Honeypots, Hydrogen Super Highway, IBOC Technology, Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors, Blast, CT Scanning, IP Telephony, Class-D Amplifier, Co-operative cache based data access in ad hoc networks, Boiler Instrumentation and Controls, CorDECT, IsoLoop magnetic couplers, Cruise Control Devices, CRT Display, Crusoe, Coherent Acoustics Coding System, Adaptive Missile Guidance Using GPS, Iris Scanning, Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks, Infinite Dimensional Vector Space, Computer Aided Process Planning, AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics, Aeronautical Communication, Acoustics, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, AI for Speech Recognition, Anthropomorphic Robot hand, Continuously variable transmission, Code division multiple access, Automatic Teller Machine, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, An ATM With An Eye, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Adaptive Optics in Ground Based Telescopes, Code Division Duplexing, Adaptive Blind Noise Suppression in some Speech Processing Applications, Bio Battery, Bio-Molecular Computing, Black-Box, BIT for Intelligent system design, Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation, Blu Ray Disc, BiCMOS technology, An Efficient Algorithm for iris pattern, Mobile Train Radio Communication, Molecular Electronics, MOBILE IPv6, Animatronics, Bioinformatics, BlueStar, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, ANN for misuse detection, MIMO Wireless Channels, Mobile IP, MILSTD 1553B, A BASIC TOUCH-SENSOR SCREEN SYSTEM, Mobile virtual reality service, High Performance DSP Architectures, Integrated Power Electronics Module

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Composite Materials, Computational Intelligence in Mechatronics, Computer and Robot Vision, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile, Industralisation and Production Engineering, Bio Mechanical, Computer Control, Control system modeling and simulation techniques and methodologies, Control Systems and Machine Dynamics, Cutting Toll Design, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Distributed Systems, Dynamics, Motion Control

  • Civil Engineering

    Surveying-land and surveying, Material science and engineering, Coastal engineering, Construction engineering, Building Technology, Structural Analysis & Design, Design of Hydraulic Structures, Architecture and Town Planning

  • Electrical Engineering

    Modular Embedded Internet Software Support, High-availability power systems, HART Communication, High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms, Heliodisplay, Home Networking, Motes, Moletronics- an invisible technology, Nanotechnology, M-Voting, Nanorobotics, Josephson Junction, Navbelt and Guiecane, Modern Irrigation System Towards Fuzzy, Integer Fast Fourier Transform, Holographic Data Storage, Intelligent Wireless Video Camera, Integrated Voice & Data, Internet Protocol Television, Introduction to the Internet Protocols, Holographic Versatile Disc, Intervehicle Communication, Humanoids Robotics, Modems and ISDN, Multissensor Fusion and Integration, Narrow Band & Broad Band ISDN, Augmented reality, Clos Architecture in OP

  • Chemical Engineering

    Bioengineering and Health, Clean Energy Technologies, Food Science and Technology, Polymer Chemistry, Process Systems Engineering, Water Treatment

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